Business Coaching Franchise


Why a Business Coaching Franchise?

PeopleMaps has been helping individuals and businesses for over ten years. Over 1.4 million users have completed the questionnaire and businesses register all day every day for new accounts. The PeopleMaps missions statement is

“improve the world around us by understanding the people in it.”


Every company would benefit from knowing how to manage staff more effectively. Exceptional managers do exist but they are few and far between. PeopleMaps can help more managers become exceptional managers by giving them a deep understanding of the employees they manage.


Why Buy A PeopleMaps Franchise?

No capital required

With this franchise you do not need a large capital investment with a home based franchise. You don’t even need an office or premises as you can work from home.

If you have a home office where you can make telephone calls without interruption then you are good to go. PeopleMaps has invested huge amounts in technology, so with Internet technology you are able to work from anywhere.

A home based business is the modern way of working in the twenty first century. Travelling to an office every day to make calls and check emails is neither productive or environmentally friendly. Any travelling should be carefully considered. Home based is the future. Why lease property.

You are never going to have clients come to your office, so there is no need to try and impress anyone with expensive rents. Better to keep your overheads down, spend more time with your family and spend more time at home.

When I was starting out near twenty years ago I was just looking for a good opportunity. I have little capital to talk of but I had the will and desire to do something. I wanted to make my mark in the world and to make a difference.

Well eventually I got my break at PeopleMaps which is one of the reasons that I have deliberately kept the start up costs very low for this franchise.

Income is accumulative

Most of your clients will place repeat orders. Many will set up a monthly standing order. This means that you can grow your business year on year. It’s scalable. You do not need to take on more employees to significantly grow your business over time. Consulting franchises rarely offer this.

It also means that if you take a month or two off, you still have income coming in.

What is Business Coaching?

So what is business coaching? Well PeopleMaps sticks to a very specific set of problems and solutions. It is not open ended. However we do tackle the most common and most troubling problems that every company has.

There isn’t a company out there that doesn’t have a soft skills problem.


Putting the right person in the right job is essential and yet without an understanding of personality psychology, employers are simply guessing. PeopleMaps Coaches use powerful tools and their knowledge of psychology to make better hiring decisions. This sees the clients with;

  • low staff turnover
  • increased productivity
  • high morale


Managing others is the most difficult thing of all to get right. Again it is all about soft skills and PeopleMaps has developed powerful tools that any manager can use to turn them into exceptional managers.

We will show you how to help everyone, from executives to new managers, how to understand and manage others more effectively.

What is a coach?

As a PeopleMaps Coach you are there to help a company identify its problems and then solve them.

Will you have to sell? Selling is involved but if you approach this they way you are taught, you will not be aware you are selling; you will simply be solving problems.

As a coach you help your clients solve their problems using some of the knowhow you share and the tolls you leave them with.

What training is provided?

PeopleMaps will provide you with all the training you need. You do not need to have any background in psychology as it will all be provided. You will also be trained on how to run your franchise most effectively and ensure the business works for you.

What are the opportunities?

Can you earn money as a PeopleMaps coach? Well it’s pretty much guaranteed. PeopleMaps works hard with every franchisee to ensure that you are making money. If however you find that it isn’t working for you then you may back out. You are not tied in for any

The Best Home Based Business Franchise

So why is PeopleMaps the best home based franchise available?

It’s a strong brand. People know and trust PeopleMaps services.

You get a lot of autonomy, even to the point of negotiating discounts with your clients.

You get to be part of something bigger and you get to make a difference. If you help one manager improve their technique, you could be improving the lives of hundreds of people.

You get to work at an executive level.

The online model takes care of much of the delivery of the service, including the admin, so you get to spend your time doing the interesting parts.

These are just some of the reasons this is a great home business franchise.

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