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Free Career Test.  

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Career Test

Have you ever wondered if your ideal job exists?

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Would you like your work to be appreciated and well paid for what you do?

For over ten years I have helped people discover what they were simply born to do and coached then on how to make it happen.

The starting point for all successful career development is to take a career test. You need to ensure you match your personality type with your career if you are to discover your ideal job. This is why I offer the free career test.

Does this problem sound familiar?

I have spent the last 20 something years and certainly the whole of my adult working life feeling like I was missing something – like I had been off the day that ideal jobs were handed out. It felt like everyone else had a vocation and a plan – they all knew where they were going and they could answer the dreaded where do you want to be in 5 years question – or at least I thought that was the way it was.” Beth

Beth is very typical of the kind of people who have used CareerPsychometrics to turn things around. Start by taking the free career test. Let’s discover what you were simply born to do.

Can this career test really help you identify and land your dream job?

1.4 million people have completed this free career test and as you can see from the hundreds of testimonials, it’s extremely accurate. Even though it is free, it is extremely accurate. It has been developed by PeopleMaps, the webs leading online provider of personality tests.

Hello Martin,

I have been meaning to email you for some time now to thank you for all the info and insight you have given out to people all over the country.


Your profile helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and after suffering from stress in almost all of my previous jobs, it gave me renewed confidence and completely changed things.


I feel that I have now become unstuck from the vicious cycle and have the confidence to go forward and make things happen. The turning point was your personal profile, and this is a tool of major importance for anyone trying to achieve something in life. Just a job is not good enough, everyone should do what they are good at and happy doing and in the right environment.


Thank you Martin for your help and sharp analysis!



What Exactly is a Career Aptitude Test?

For over fifty years employers have been using career aptitude tests to help them put the right people in the right job.

You can now use this very same technology to help you make the right career decisions for you.

career test

Is The Career Test Free?

Yes. As soon as you complete the career test you will be presented with a free personality report to help you understand what career is right for you.

Is a Career Personality Test The Same As a Career Aptitude Test?

Yes. It is your personality that ultimately determines your natural aptitude for something. Even if you have the skills and qualifications, if your personality type is not a good match for the work environment, then it’s unlikely to work out in the long run. You may have been suffering from this problem already and looking to make a career change as a result.

And is this career aptitude test free ?

Absolutely. So use this free career aptitude test to discover your ideal job. Use the same powerful systems that employers use to help you discover what your ideal job looks like.

As soon as you complete the free career test you will be presented with a personality report and free online coaching to help you discover your ideal job.

Here is another testimonial, where Rene explains how she was feeling before and after working with me.

I have never had a profile done that so perfectly confirmed what I had known inside for a long time but been unable to see.


Instead of feeling like something was wrong with me and carrying on trying to fit my square peg self into a round hole – I felt completely affirmed by the profile, started believing in myself again and began a programme of self development which, 2 yrs on, has led to my special qualities being seen as desirable and finding the right environment for me.


… it all came together in the perfect job with the perfect colleagues for me… and the experience I gained along the way was invaluable in building a wider portfolio of skills and understanding.


Sometimes you don’t quite know where you are going while you’re getting there; but the profile helped me to know what was or wasn’t right and to keep moving forward until I found it.